Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts while cleaning the tub

While I was cleaning the tub tonight with baking soda, I was delighted yet again by the amazing cleaning power of this stuff! Using a sponge it easily scours away grime and soap scum - without the chemical smell and without having to wait for it to soak in. I don't even buy cleaners for my tub anymore because they just simply don't work as well. I use it on the sinks too, anywhere that grime accumulates. Besides cleaning with baking soda, I realized that there are so many other things our family does to reduce our waste and help the environment, for example:
We are helping our school to produce less waste with "litter-less lunches."
We compost all of our discarded food.
We compost our grass clippings/leaves/dead plants.
We recycle.
We grow some of our own vegetable's and buy local vegetable's/fruits.
We only own one vehicle for our four person family.
We donate our good used clothing to second hand stores.
We observe Earth Day and turn off lights etc. when we leave a room.
I think a lot of people are probably doing these same things in their communities (and more!) and yet we are told it's still not enough. Well I say congratulations to us! We are trying to make a difference! What natural cleaning products do you use?

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