Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A poem I wrote on the bus

I was inspired today on the bus. I am usually inspired when I have a few moments of peace. Everytime I ride the bus I think of all the people who regularily take the bus and I wonder about their lives and silently wish them the best. I don't usually take the bus but don't mind the travel, as long as it's not too far or heavily burdended. Today in the bus station a grumpy man with a Scottish brogue was drinking a can of beer as we waited in the terminal. He grumped about waiting for the bus and we chatted a bit. He talked about his health, his travels for the day. He seemed a nice fellow, friendly enough, and then I got on the bus and we went our separate ways. When I got on the bus I wrote this little poem:
As I sit her on the bus, I think of every one of us
Our lives touch one another in such a brief and fleeting way, it makes me cherish all I have today
i-pods blaring, cell phone noise, how do I get along without these toys?
People heading here and there I wonder what stories they have to share

Have a great night everyone.