Sunday, July 25, 2010


Life is full of choices.  We make choices everyday, every minute of the day and they shape our days.  Children, however, don't always make the right choices which is why they are in our care until they are 18 years old, or older.  I shudder to think of what choices my seven year old would make if left alone in the house for even 15 minutes.  Today, while I was in the room, she put a little piece of paper behind the nightlight.  Would it start a fire?  Not sure, but I'd say it's not the best choice.  Which makes me wonder why I incessantly give the girls choice all day regarding different choices I have to make for them throughout the day.  Do you want milk or water?  Chicken nuggets or tuna?  Do you want to wear this?  How about this?  Do you want ketchup?  Do you want to go for a walk?  What color freezie do you want?  When I was a kid I don't remember there being so many choices.  My mom told us what to drink, eat, wear, go - and we did it.  I'm not sure why I give the girls so many choices, it's a habit that I have found hard to break.  Especially since not giving them choices would make things easier for me.  I think.  There could be a time where they want water and I give them milk and we have a full out melt down, but I want to be more definitive in my parenting.  I feel like I should be saying "Let's go to the park!" instead of "Want to go to the park?"  However isn't it also good for them to have choices?  What about you?  Do you give your kids choices or make most of their choices for them?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apron strings

I was reading an article today about aprons.  The author of the article said she'd rather wear her apron to serve drinks as hostess than to actually wear them to save her clothes and that if she was in the kitchen she's wear gym clothes.  I laughed.  I wondered if she had kids - if she cooked - if she ever had to throw down a towel on a spilled drink, if she'd ever put the kids to bed and then went down into the kitchen to make some appetisers and the go back to hostessing.  These aprons she was referring to in her article are beautiful - but isn't the point of an apron also that it's functional?  If I purchased a $50 apron, I would certainly wear it to bake, make dinners etc. because I'm a mom.  And as a mom I deserve to wear something beautiful while I make dinner.  I'm certainly considering buying one to protect my work clothes as so often I come home and go right to making dinner, cleaning, wiping noses and washing the bathtub.  Their purpose is to protect clothing and June Cleaver had it right, she wore it all the time while she wrangled two boys and the necessities of a household.  My point is - go buy your fancy apron, enjoy it, take pride in wearing it for it's use and don't forget to feel pretty and practical while you wear it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'd like to think that most mom's have had their challenges with getting their children to sleep.  Being a working mom, I struggle with putting the kids to bed early - so that they get 10-12 hours sleep, and letting them stay up late with me so I can see them for more than 3.5 hours a day.  My kids generally go to bed at 9 pm and I wake them up at 7 am...see?  10 hours sleep.  When they get 10 hours sleep I feel better about sending them off the next day to play and have fun at daycare especially since my 3 year old generally doesn't nap anymore (although most days she could use one).  Unfortunately my 3 year old doesn't understand the concept of 10 hours sleep, she only wants to hang with us.  And I know this is probably because she's 3, and she misses us during the day, and sometimes when you are overtired, it's hard to get to sleep and that being 3 means that you are learning new ways to manipulate people.  You see?  I get it.  But it doesn't change the fact that it's almost 10 pm, and I put her to bed an hour ago, and she's still bee bopping up there after kisses, songs, stories, a cup of milk and snuggles.  I take comfort in the fact that eventually she will crash.  And one night this week she will fall asleep at 6pm and I will  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alone time

Who ever thought that having kids would let you appreciate alone time so much?  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids but this precious time that I get to myself is so much more valued now than it was 7 years ago.  As soon as the kids go to bed I want to post a status update on Facebook - "Kids in bed - sweet serenity!"  Yes, I do value my quiet time where I'm not playing kids games or reading kids books, giving baths or making food and I think that's perfectly OK.  I get up early every weekend, as soon as my eyes open, to make a coffee, get onto the computer, make breakfast and mentally prepare for the day.  I get up early on weekdays too so I can shower, get my lunch and coffee ready, make pancake breakfasts, so that I'm ready to answer any challenges or requests the morning brings, and it helps to get the morning started off right.  Before I had kids I was craving more to do.  More interaction, more family.  And now that I have it I appreciate it so much and I've found ways of adjusting to having small amounts of alone time during the day.  Having kids has made me appreciate life so much more than I ever imagined.  What do you do with your alone time?