Monday, August 8, 2011

Who me? I've been working.

For 20 years I've been an employee, save two maternity leaves where my boss was a squalling baby.  And now I'm unemployed.  I had a great sent off from my job and am genuinely happy that I'm at home with my kids.  So now what?   I'm going to have a great summer and start writing my business plan.  I'm in no rush to get back to work but I am thinking about what I'm going to do when the kids go back to school.  I will be blogging and waiting.  And that's all I can do.  For now, I'm enjoying two weeks off with my husband and kids and not thinking too much about the future.  And it's nice, and I'm happy. :)


  1. Thanks Betsy - I plan on doing just that - at least for a little while.