Monday, January 31, 2011

If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen.

One sure thing about becomming a mom, you will spend more time in the kitchen.  This weekend I was off 3 days and a lot of that time was spent in the kitchen.  It was mostly because I didn't have any other plans for the weekend (bliss!) and my husband did all of the running around, picking up kids, dropping off kids etc.  So I got up at 7:45 am twice this weekend -(without the kids waking me?!) and headed to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast, cleaned up after breakfast and it started from there.  I got the girls 30 glasses of milk or water or juice, plus snacks, lunch and dinner.  I grated, I crock potted, I fried, boiled and baked.  And it occured to me today that my kids don't even like my cooking much but there I am anyway toiling away.  I spend so much time in the kitchen, preparing lunches, throwing stuff out, rinsing and sorting recycling that my kids will actually come to me while I'm sitting in the living room - while their dad is in the kitchen - and ask ME to get them stuff.  I don't mind the kitchen that much though, it's cozy and warm and to keep up with eating healthy I try to make a lot of things from scratch.  And the kids?  They love to help with mixing or slicing mushrooms.  Now if I could just get them to eat the good stuff I make, I would be thrilled.  Where do you spend a lot of your time?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Throwing stuff away

This month I've thrown away:
A blender
A heater
A cool air mist humidifier
A small food processor

There were all broken and couldn't be fixed.  It seems like such a waste to throw away these large items.  I wonder if I had purchased a higher quality item, would they have lasted longer?  Likely.  Oh the things you learn about consumerism as you get older.  The blender I had for 10 years and the small food processor at least 7 because I used it to make baby food.  They were all old items and I finally had to let go.  Funny how they all seemed to give up their life around the same time but they don't owe us anything, they all lasted a good length of time.  I also had to re-purpose some old towels into rags and donated a large bag of clothes this month.  It seems like the more I look and reconsider, the more items I realize I can do without.  I still have a long way to go as our garage walls are full of items I don't use but it's a work in progress.  With every month I get rid of a little more and try not to purchase too much to replace them.  I was given a new food processor for Christmas and will likely buy a new humidifier and the cycle will begin again.  Good bye crap!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm still at it!  Going to the gym 3 times a week and still enjoying it.  I'm still finding it hard to stay away from the french fries and candies but this change isn't about totally changing my eating habits - it's about getting active.  I'm happier and feeling stronger and more toned.  I haven't "weighed in" yet, I'm going to wait until a month goes by to do that - but I am more conscience about what I'm putting into my body.  I don't want to ruin what I've started or want to feel that I've just lost a workout by eating badly.  Eating well was never really been my issue, it's the inactivity.  So on Sunday nights I make some roasted vegtables and eat them for lunches instead of a sandwich or a burger and I think that's a good enough change.  I bring veggies and fruit for snacks and I'm staying away from the potato chips.  I'm sleeping better too.  All in all it's been a great start and I am looking forward to keeping it up and seeing and feeling the changes I'm making for the better. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Firstly...I have been trying to post pics but they are posting sideways so I had a pic to share but decided not too because of this. Any tips?

OK so I did my first workout last night and it felt great.  I also was weighed and measured and my body fat index was taken.  Big sigh.  Here goes...
Weight - over 200 pounds.  Suffice to say that I'm heavier than I've ever been, even heavier than I was at the peak of both my pregnancies. 
Height - 5'9"
Measurements:  bust 46 inches, waist 40 inches, hips 46 inches.

So there we are.  Yep, I'm overweight.  And I won't even mention my body fax index...gah!

Onward and upward....or in this case downward :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

The journey begins

My weigh loss journey that is.  I have a goal and that is to be fit by fourty.  I have never been this heavy except for when I was 8 month pregnant.  I want to be in the same shape I was 50 pounds ago, three years ago, 1 year after having my second child.  I was doing yoga and pilates at least 3 times a week and walking 20 minutes a day.  After going back to a sedintary job and also trying to manage the lives of two little ones and their schedules, I've have had little time for myself.  The time I do have I spend on the couch or cleaning my house.  We do get out and enjoy activities together but it's not enough for my 30 something metabolism.  So tomorrow begins my journey as I've joined a program that gets me to the gym three times a week.  It feels really good.  And you know that book I'm reading?  It has been a great motivator for me.  And it advised to make your goals public so that you stick to them and so that you are accountable for them.  So here I am world wide web, make me accountable!  In 6 months I hope to drop at least 20 pounds and by next January be close to my goal.  Go me!  I'll post a "before" pic tomorrow as I'll be weighed, measured and ready to share more of the details.