Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apron strings

I was reading an article today about aprons.  The author of the article said she'd rather wear her apron to serve drinks as hostess than to actually wear them to save her clothes and that if she was in the kitchen she's wear gym clothes.  I laughed.  I wondered if she had kids - if she cooked - if she ever had to throw down a towel on a spilled drink, if she'd ever put the kids to bed and then went down into the kitchen to make some appetisers and the go back to hostessing.  These aprons she was referring to in her article are beautiful - but isn't the point of an apron also that it's functional?  If I purchased a $50 apron, I would certainly wear it to bake, make dinners etc. because I'm a mom.  And as a mom I deserve to wear something beautiful while I make dinner.  I'm certainly considering buying one to protect my work clothes as so often I come home and go right to making dinner, cleaning, wiping noses and washing the bathtub.  Their purpose is to protect clothing and June Cleaver had it right, she wore it all the time while she wrangled two boys and the necessities of a household.  My point is - go buy your fancy apron, enjoy it, take pride in wearing it for it's use and don't forget to feel pretty and practical while you wear it!


  1. It's only been 5 years since I worked full-time in an office and only two years since I've attended work meetings, but still, I look at my nice old work clothes hanging at the back of my closet and wonder what they are for and why I would wear them? Now I wear gym clothes all the time! I buy them at the grocery store!

    I think you should buy a lovely apron.

  2. I spent 6 months in Italy last year. I pondered how the Italian women could keep their clothes so clean (bemoaned here There were no smears of kid stuff on their white linen skirts, or gelato on their tops like there was on mine (only just hiding the Chianti stain). It took about 5 months for me to figure it out. They wear aprons!