Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To dream a dream

I just sat down, it's 9:15 pm.  Worked a 7 hour day, rushed to an appointment that is on Thursday, not today.  I stopped on the way home to grab rice and made dinner - sausages with yellow peppers and onions, rice, homemade cheese sauce and broccoli.  I took my oldest to Brownies, did some power shopping and bought two bras, a sweater, tights, princess shoes and organic lollipops.  Once home I handed off the kids for a bath and bedtime while I folded laundry, checked homework, tidied up and did some dishes...still left...lunches for tomorrow.  To make myself feel a little better I started thinking of how nice it would be to have a few days off, without kids (but geeze I'd miss them) and what I'd do with my time.  I think three days would be ideal and at least one of the days here at the house supervising someone else clean it..lol.  The other two days and nights I would spend at a remote place in the countryside in a place near the water with a soaker tub and a fireplace.  I'd read books, soak in the tub, watch TV for at least three hours a day, do yoga by the water and go for nature walks.  Hmmm, maybe a week would be nicer and I'd have the family come for the last three days.  What would you do to relax if you had more than an hour or two to yourself?


  1. I think I probably would do what I'm doing now (or trying to do), but without interruptions! Or learn something new, that would be my dream, but I'd have to first move to a place where classes and learning opportunities exist. Your days sound quite hectic, I hope you get to carve out a little time to yourself soon.

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  3. I think honestly I'd like to get drunk, sleep in, and eat junk food that I'd never feed to my children. Oh, and I'd like to use my husband for sexual gratification and then for him to go away while I read and wrote. Too much info? Well, you asked!