Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I love dreams, they can be so insightful, meaningful and random.  When I can remember my dreams, the feeling the dream gave me usually stays with me for the day.  Sometimes it's calming, sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's just weird.  Last night I dreampt that I was in high school.  I was sitting with a guy who I liked and I wanted him to kiss me.  I knew he liked me too but when he leaned into me for a kiss, instead of kissing me he spat in my mouth.  I was mortified and humiliated and did what any high school girl would do - I ran to the washroom.  There were a couple of girls and a teacher in this huge washroom that saw me crying and I ran right into a bathroom stall.  I noticed that the bathroom was in some stage of renovation and the stalls weren't quite complete.  And on the door of the stall was a slot for money which said "Now that you have to pay for your shower, here's a vaccum" (random!).  There was in fact a vaccum of sorts on the floor of this huge stall.  I guess you get to pay and clean up after your shower now.  Just then some boys came into the girls washroom - looking for "mama" as they had a song for me.  I'm pretty sure these boys were gay -at least that's what I was thinking in my dream - because they weren't shunned from the girls bathroom.  And I've always felt that gay men should be welcome in the girls bathroom.  They sang a song that said my boyfriend was sorry and I just cried and told them to leave.  Then a nice girl came up and explained to me that on the East Coast, it was traditional for a boy to have other boys sing a sonnet to a girl he's hurt and this was the ultimate form of apology (neat! romantic!).  So of course I felt better.  I hope you enjoyed my little dream story.  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you look them up in a dictionary to see the meaning? 

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  1. I used to remember my dreams. Now that I have kids, though, my sleep is much more haphazard and prone to interruption, so I don't so much. This makes me sort of sad, honestly.