Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tag Team

Today was a tag team day today.  Do you ever tag team with your spouse?  The tag team reference is from wrestling where one wrestler would tag out of a fight so that he/she could get a rest while the other one fought the battle.  Yes, I watched wrestling, lol.  I like this term because parenting can be like that.  With family day being a holiday Monday this year in Ontario today was our Monday.  My husband was off work today which made things so much easier.  He got up with me and the kids and while I made French toast (tag) he got them dressed.  Then he drove me to work (tag) and took my seven year old to her appointment.  He picked me up from work and brought me home to a mostly completed dinner .  I made broccoli and cheese sauce while (tag) he relaxed and after dinner (tag) he took my oldest to brownies and got gas for my car while I (tag) made banana bread with my youngest.  Then the little one had a bath given by me and (tag) he put her pjs on.  Then it was time to pick up our brownie so I went and now (tag) he's giving her a bath.  The little one is having her banana bread and after her bath so will the big one.  Soon it will be bedtime which we alternate and it's his turn.  Teeth brushing, stories and back rubs from daddy tonight.  Having a partner who helps makes all these tasks so much easier and it occurred to me that these everyday tasks would be much harder if I had to do them all myself, especially when they were babies.  Imagine not having a break from a baby unless family or friends came over...GAH.  But tonight is a good night so I'm enjoying it because there are nights when it's not so easy and when my spouse isn't so helpful.  There are still lunches to be made and clothes to be put out for the next day but I don't mind because tonight it's been a good tag team night.  Thank you honey. 

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