Monday, February 7, 2011

Life, Luck and the Universe

Ever wonder about how you got to your place in the universe?  How did you end up in North America , raising kids, living where you live, with the job that you have?  How did it end up that you fell in love with the person you did?  Most of us are here because our grandparents or their parents emigrated here from other places, such as my great grandparents, who settled as farmers.  My great-grandparents settled at a lake an hour north east of where I currently live.  My grandparents inherited the land but settled in Toronto.  So there are the basic logistics of how I got here.  I should explain, that the reason I’m even thinking about this is because I want to go on a vacation.  Don’t get the connection?  Well.  I was thinking about how some people are so lucky.  They were either born into a place of privilege or just were given opportunities along the way that propelled them into their place in life.  I had to work for every single thing I’ve ever owned.  I started working in fast food places when I was 14 so that I could afford Doc Martin’s and leather jackets.  I worked through college (2 part time jobs and a full course load) so that I could rent an apartment.  (Graduated with honours too tyvm).  I’ve had about 10 different jobs in the last 10 years.  Some of them similar, some very different to what I went to school for.  It’s been an interesting ride and I’ve worked very hard over the years.  But I’ve never had a tropical vacation.  When I was 24 I went to work at a full-time career and bought a house.  All of my savings were used for the house and then for my wedding.  And now, my car is paid, my daycare costs are declining and I still agonize over paying for a vacation.  And yet some people, also through hard work, and some just by luck or privilege have had many, many tropical vacations.  Or traveled abroad a time or two.  And then there is the exact opposite of the spectrum, those less lucky than us, who worked hard but were not lucky enough to buy a house or who were plagued with health problems.  I guess I fall right into the middle.  Neither lucky nor privileged (financially but very blessed family wise) and not doing too badly either.  I just want to take my kids someplace warm, for a week, and do nothing but play and sleep and eat.  That's all.  It would be great if it could happen without me having to save money for  I think I'll try something that has worked in the past for me, visualization.  Because feeling sorry for myself isn't working for me.  I’m going to tape pictures of sandy beaches, blue skies and tropical drinks to my fridge to motivate myself to get to that vacation.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll win the lottery, or a promotion will fall into my lap or the stars will align and I’ll get that vacation just by sending it out there into the universe. And I'll take that negative energy I'm sending out by wishing I had more money or status and turn it into something positive. 

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  1. I hope you will be able to take that vacation with your family soon!